Atomic Design

Designing websites based on blocks helps to craft effective dynamic interfaces. The small components of these templates are used on pages and can be manipulated effectively to influence the whole design.

Drag & Drop

Easily drag and drop the blocks in the editor. Giving you full freedom to create the page without visual design or front-end limitations.


Using the preferred CMS of Strangelove gives access to updates and upgrades all year long. Based on the needs of our clients we continuously improve the backbone of the system for the benefit of all users.


Build to suit your needs. Anything is possible. There are no pre configured template limitations. Completely build in React on Node.js with a PHP backbone.

Easy to use

Create sites, add languages, edit pages and resources without a complicated interface. "Anyone can use this"

API driven

Disconnecting the front-end from the CMS gives security, speed and flexibility. Connecting any external source of information is easy by design.


Denise Huizing

ICL is working with Odyssey now since 3 years. We have about 40 users from 18 different countries that manage about a thousand different products and numerous pages on a daily basis. User-friendliness and flexibility to extend and customize the system to ICL requirements are top priority. Odyssey is giving us what we need. Because both ICL and Strangelove always strive for improvement, we never stop thinking about upgrading and updating.

Leontine van Kampen

FRIS has been working with Odyssey for a year now. The main reason we've decided to collaborate with Strangelove is the flexibility of the Odyssey system, which is something that we were missing in other CMS systems. FRIS is a full service real estate service provider that serves a lot of different target groups. A user-friendly website is just as important as a flexible system. Our goal is to give our clients efficiency by giving them the information they are looking for. We are pleased about the cooperation with Strangelove, especially the way they actively support us and continuously improve our website.


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